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The European regulatory landscape is evolving towards a healthier workplace environment, and we’re thrilled to announce a significant stride in this direction!
Starting on January 18, 2025, the European regulatory environment is set to reduce exposure limits for nickel compounds from 0.1 mg/m³ to a more stringent 0.01 mg/m³. Until then, a transitional limit of 0.05 mg/m³ applies.

At HSTec Glass Systems, we are proud to introduce our pioneering solution developed in collaboration with Plymovent. Our workstation, paired with Plymovent’s Draftmax Ultra bench, addresses the stringent European regulations while enhancing workplace well-being.

The Plymovent Draftmax Ultra extraction table along with our new state-of-the-art workstation offers manual clamping, pneumatic or hydraulic workstation options to meet evolving regulatory standards.

In partnership with Plymovent and their Draftmax Ultra table, designed specifically for the glass packaging industry, our combined systems are revolutionizing the practice of mold repair. Draftmax Ultra, the extraction table, ensures a healthier working environment by effectively reducing operator exposure to pollutants, perfectly compliant with new European regulations, and our workstation reduces operator fatigue by up to 90%, is ergonomically designed and reduces the risk of potential injuries.

Stay ahead of the times with HSTec Glass Systems and Plymovent—embracing innovation for a safer and more compliant future in the glass packaging industry.

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