The core of our company lies
in the minds of our team
and their expertise.


The cornerstone of our company and our greatest strengths is a combination of our exceptional team with their extensive know-how, experience, and their commitment to be the best. Our greatest source of pride stems from the synergy of our extraordinary team and the depth of their knowledge, driving innovation and excellence in all that we do. 


At HStec Glass Systems we are continually in communication with all the leading mould makers and glass container producers to develop their needs and requirements, and so we promise you that we will be your “one-stop“ preferred supplier to introduce you to new upcoming products and developments. 

First AI Pilot Project in the Glass Container Industry

This coming year we will have a new exciting innovation using AI technology which is the first pilot project in the Glass Container Industry, as well as some new product developments to improve Hot End production and Cold End mould maintenance.

Our ongoing commitment to improve quality does not stop with our new developments, our current existing product range is continually upgraded with the latest parts and technology to keep us firmly ahead in the world of glass.

Advancements in Mould Displacement

Our range of mould displacement bladders are proving to be significantly improved in life and durability. Our relentless pursuit of excellence propels us closer to eliminating manual displacement entirely. Despite already supplying the fastest and most accurate mould displacement machine in the industry, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries even further.

Partnership for Air Quality Solutions

The success of our commitment to contemporary demands is our latest partnership with the world-leading company in air quality solutions- Plymovent. The project is providing a working space with improved employee working conditions to meet the upcoming 2025 EU Nickel Regulations, our complete solution is already being adopted in multiple mold shops throughout the world.

2024 will prove to be an exciting year and we invite you to become one of our continually growing list of friends and partners in the Glass Container World.