Welcome to our Mould Comparator Aftersales Service, where we offer two comprehensive packages tailored to meet your needs and ensure the seamless operation of your equipment while enhancing the longevity and efficiency of your Mould Comparator systems.

In our first package (cylinder replacement), you’ll find everything you need to maintain optimal performance. This includes the main water cylinder, blocking valves (3x), operational valves (3x), all necessary fluid and pneumatic connecting fittings, and a fitting tool. What sets this package apart is our commitment to providing online assistance and complete step-by-step animated fitting instructions, ensuring hassle-free installation and ongoing support.

For those seeking an even more comprehensive solution, our second package (panel upgrade-cylinder replacement) is designed to exceed expectations. Alongside the components offered in the first package, you’ll receive a replacement front panel, a PC touch panel with Windows OS, and a power cable. This comprehensive offering ensures that your equipment operates at peak efficiency, backed by our unwavering commitment to customer fulfillment.

No matter which package you choose, rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing the best possible support and assistance every step of the way. Experience peace of mind with our Mould Comparator Aftersales Service packages, designed to keep your operations running smoothly.


Mould Comparator Bladders

HSTec Glass Systems are continuously adding to the range of bladders available for the Mould Comparator Machine.

There are currently 14 shapes and sizes available which cover the vast majority of Moulds and Blanks produced in the Glass Container Industry.

The bladders are reusable and have a possible lifespan normally from 100 to 800 measurements.

Also, our range of mould displacement bladders are proving to be significantly improved in life and durability. Our relentless pursuit of excellence pushes us ever further towards greater progress, so we remain committed to pushing the boundaries even further.

Note: Selecting the correct size bladder will increase the lifespan of the bladders, using an inappropriate bladder size can dramatically decrease the lifespan.

Additional bladders can be manufactured to suit your requirements, a one-off tooling charge applies.

Spare Parts

Explore our range of spare parts designed to optimize your operations. Our offerings include the rapid clamping device torque clutch, engineered specifically for mold comparator machines, ensuring swift and precise clamping functionality.

Additionally, we provide a selection of high-quality nozzles tailored to fit mold comparator machines, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. For those utilizing cavity polishing machines, we offer a comprehensive array of spare parts crafted to enhance efficiency and durability.

Whether you require components for clamping, precision nozzles, or spare parts for cavity polishing, our range is meticulously designed to meet your needs. Trust in our commitment to deliver excellence and reliability, ensuring seamless functionality across your operations.