Welcome to the Future
of Manufacturing


HSTec Glass Systems stands as a real living example of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, seamlessly blending advanced 2D & 3D vision technologies, and the latest AI technologies with the transformative principles of Industry 4.0.


Welcome to the future of manufacturing with HSTec Glass Systems, an expert in intelligent automation and advanced technology solutions. Our comprehensive robotics and automation services encompass the full spectrum, offering engineering, design, and production of tailor-made robotic stations. Leveraging industrial robots from esteemed manufacturers such as Fanuc and ABB, we guarantee the quality, reliability, and longevity of every investment.


Welcome to HSTec Glass Systems, your partner in pioneering Industry 4.0 robotic solutions.


We specialize in programming and commissioning comprehensive robotic stations tailored to elevate manufacturing efficiency and productivity.


Committed to transparency and cutting-edge technology, we provide custom solutions that integrate advanced AI and computer vision into industrial robotics, enhancing precision and adaptability across various applications. From conceptualization to continuous support post-implementation, our team works closely with each client to ensure seamless integration and sustained competitive advantage. Embrace the future of automation with HSTec Glass Systems, where innovative technology meets strategic efficiency.

2D Technology

HSTec Glass Systems’ 2D vision technology is a cornerstone in industrial automation, providing unmatched precision and adaptability. Our system excels in diverse applications such as object detection, quality control, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Artificial Intelligence, ensuring detailed visual analysis and high accuracy. It integrates seamlessly with robotic arms, transforming visual data into actionable intelligence for efficient operations.

Engineered to withstand harsh industrial conditions, our durable system offers flexibility and scalability, evolving with your business needs. With AI-driven enhancements and real-time processing capabilities, it minimizes manual oversight and boosts productivity across various industries.

Partner with HSTec Glass Systems to navigate the future of automation with a system that enhances operational efficiency and opens new possibilities in automation and efficiency gains.

3D Technology

Explore the Future of Industrial Automation with Our Advanced 3D Sensing Technology.

At HSTec Glass Systems, we redefine precision, adaptability, and durability in the field of robotics and automation with our cutting-edge 3D sensor technology. Designed for a vast array of industrial applications, our sensors excel in complex tasks such as bin picking and comprehensive quality inspection. By utilizing high-resolution 3D imaging and sophisticated data analysis, our technology ensures precise object manipulation and enhances operational efficiency.

Our durable sensors integrate seamlessly with robotic systems, providing scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving business needs and boost productivity across diverse environments.

Embrace innovation with our 3D sensing technology, paving the way for advancements in fields like autonomous navigation and virtual reality.

AI Solutions

Revolutionize Your Operations with HSTec Glass Systems’ AI-Powered OCR Solution

Experience unmatched precision and efficiency with our AI-based OCR technology, specifically designed to decode engraved text on metal surfaces. Traditional OCR systems often fail in such applications, but our solution excels by utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms trained on diverse datasets to recognize and transcribe characters with over 95% accuracy. Engineered for seamless integration into industrial settings, our OCR solution adapts to various lighting conditions and surface textures, ensuring reliable performance and enhancing product traceability. With features like a self-improvement management system and robust cyber protection, our system is not just a tool but a transformative asset for your business. Embrace the future of OCR technology and stay ahead of the competition with HSTec Glass Systems.