AI Solutions

AI Solutions

AI-Powered OCR Solution for Engraved Metal Text

We are sure you have met the old traditional OCR systems that fail when it comes to decoding engraved text on metal surfaces, and that slows down your business and raises your costs.

HSTec Glass Systems AI-based OCR scanning is specifically designed for the identification of engravings on moulds, blanks, and all other production toolings.

It recognizes robust and accurate character through advanced AI learning.

With a self-improvement management system, it continuously learns and adapts, ensuring optimal performance. The user-friendly interface facilitates seamless on-premises integration, enabling fast and instant communication. Moreover, our device offers complete cyber protection from external threats, ensuring the security of your internal data. The entire process is achieved in approximately 3 seconds, making it a highly efficient solution for your business. 

This is the first pilot project in the Glass Container Industry that showcases its potential for only even higher accuracy through continuous learning capabilities.

Our specialized OCR solution is precisely engineered to excel in decoding engraved characters on even the most challenging metal substrates. It provides unmatched accuracy every time, and therefore seamless efficiency in your business.

Powered by the most modern and advanced machine learning algorithms, our OCR technology has been trained on diverse datasets to recognize and transcribe engraved text with exceptional precision of over 95%. It adapts to various lighting conditions and surface textures, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Industrial Applications: You can seamlessly integrate our OCR solution into your manufacturing processes for automated inspection and quality control. In today’s industry, there is no space for costly errors and delays—our system helps you to ensure the integrity of engraved information, enhancing product reliability and traceability.

It is versatile and efficient, whether you’re decoding alphanumeric codes, serial numbers, or product specifications, our AI-powered OCR technology streamlines workflows and boosts productivity across industries. 

Experience the future of OCR technology today with our game-changing solution for engraved metal text. Elevate your operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and stay ahead of the competition—discover the power of precision with us!