At HSTec Glass Systems, we handle the entire process, from programming to commissioning complete robotic stations.

Industry 4.0 tools and strategies empower organizations to not only enhance efficiency and productivity but also gain a meaningful competitive advantage.

As “HSTec Glass Systems”, we are fully committed to Industry 4.0 solutions, where transparency and holistic business practices redefine the manufacturing landscape. Our vision is to usher in an era of improved efficiency, productivity, and adaptability through cutting-edge technologies and strategic integration.


To achieve big improvements, and to take your company to a higher level, we collaborate closely with every single client, creating custom solutions that fully adapt to project requirements and specifics. 


Our expertise extends to equipping industrial robots with computer vision (2D or 3D) for quality control, measurement, and position detection of pieces in various sizes, shapes, and colors. By integrating computer vision with the robot, we reduce the need for special containers for piece positioning.


Our vision systems incorporate the latest technology of artificial intelligence, eliminating the need for individual learning of new piece types. They can be seamlessly integrated with robotic cells and automation systems, providing AI-powered inspection for quality control. Our newest project on that field is OCR scanning, which is the first pilot project of its kind in the Glass Container Industry, and already has accuracy above 95%. From concept to after-sale support, we ensure a holistic approach to your automation needs.


Our industrial robots offer a myriad of benefits, from improving efficiency and productivity to ensuring worker safety in hazardous environments. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of every business, we evaluate specific needs and design custom automation projects aligned with your objectives. Our team ensures seamless integration for a smooth transition to automated workflows without downtime. Our commitment extends beyond implementation, providing continuous support and maintenance to ensure your automation projects deliver lasting value into the future. Elevate your operations with HSTec Glass Systems – where innovation meets efficiency.


HSTEC Glass robotic cells serve to diverse applications; serving all types of CNC machines, welding machines, polishing machines, conducting quality control, and aiding welding operations.