Mould Comparator Machine

Discover superb precision with our Mould Comparator Machine, the fastest and most accurate system in the glass container industry. Engineered for excellence, this machine offers rapid setup capabilities, achieving comprehensive measurements in under one minute. With advanced water temperature compensation features, it ensures reliability under varying operational conditions. Designed with the operator in mind, it boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies both use and maintenance. Each purchase is accompanied by comprehensive training and support, ensuring that every user can achieve mastery over the machine’s functions. Elevate your production standards with the Mould Comparator Machine—a tool that combines speed, accuracy, and ease of use into one revolutionary package.

Cavity Polishing Machine


Experience the superior capabilities of our Cavity Polishing Machine 400, transforming the polishing process with its innovative features. Boasting 4 Independent Polishing Heads, it provides unmatched versatility and efficiency to meet your polishing requirements. Whether opting for Wet Polishing (On Request) or Dry Polishing (Standard), our machine ensures rapid setup, minimizing downtime for enhanced productivity. Benefit from the precision offered by the “Four Section Emboss Omitting” Polishing Option. Designed with operators in mind, our machine features a user-friendly Siemens Touch Screen Interface for seamless programming. Enjoy complete control with adjustable settings for Polishing Pressure, Spindle Speed, Workpiece Rotation Speed, and more. With additional features like a self-centering workpiece fixture and a single output dust extraction facility, our machine guarantees superior performance and convenience. Experience excellence in polishing with our Cavity Polishing Machine 400.

Cavity Polishing Machine


Presenting our superior Cavity Polishing Machine 200, which revolutionizes the polishing process with advanced features and unparalleled versatility. With 2 independent polishing heads and options for wet or dry polishing, versatility is at your fingertips. Enjoy rapid setup times and operator-friendly features like the “Four Section Emboss Omitting” polishing option. Our machine boasts a servo-driven polishing head and Siemens touch screen interface for precise programming. Fully adjustable parameters including polishing pressure, spindle speed, and workpiece rotation speed ensure customized polishing tailored to your needs. With a self-centering workpiece fixture and single output dust extraction facility, our machine delivers optimal polishing results every time.

Plunger Polishing Machine

Our Plunger Polishing Machine, is engineered to optimize your polishing operations with unmatched precision and efficiency. Featuring two fully independent linear polishing heads, our machine offers versatility and superior performance. Experience rapid setup time, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Designed with the operator in mind, our machine boasts an intuitive Siemens Touch Screen Programming interface for seamless operation. Enjoy complete control with fully adjustable settings for polishing pressure, workpiece rotation speed, and linear stroke speed. With advanced features like self-centering workpiece chuck and a single output dust extraction facility, our Plunger Polishing Machine sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Plunger Nose / Radial Polishing Machine

Introducing our state-of-the-art Plunger Nose/Radial Polishing Machine, which sets the benchmark for precision polishing with its advanced features. Featuring a servo-driven linear polishing head, it ensures superior performance for your polishing needs. Enjoy rapid setup time, suitable for operator or robot tending, maximizing productivity. Our operator-friendly design includes Siemens Touch Screen Programming for intuitive operation. With fully adjustable settings for polishing pressure, workpiece rotation speed, and linear head feed rate, you have complete control over the polishing process. Benefit from multiple polishing area selection and a self-centering pneumatic workpiece chuck for enhanced versatility. Plus, automated features like park positioning and polishing head retraction streamline operations for optimal results. Trust our Plunger Nose/Radial Polishing Machine for precision and reliability in your polishing processes.

Mould Repair Workstation – Hydraulic

Welcome to our premier Hydraulic Mould Repair Workstation, setting the industry standard for ergonomic excellence and efficiency. Designed to reduce risks and operator fatigue, our workstation boasts unlimited fixture rotation and, a hydraulic-driven lifting column. With an impressive 80kg loading capacity and 400mm vertical height adjustment, it offers unmatched versatility for your repair tasks. Experience seamless Hydraulic joint face clamping, ensuring precise and secure positioning for optimal results. Trust in our commitment to quality and innovation as you elevate your repair processes to new heights with our advanced Hydraulic Mould Repair Workstation.

Mould Repair Workstation – Pneumatic

Discover unparalleled efficiency with our Pneumatic Mould Repair Workstation. Engineered for ergonomic excellence, it reduces risks and operator fatigue while offering unlimited fixture rotation for enhanced maneuverability. Featuring an electric-driven lifting column with 300 mm vertical height adjustment, and a robust 30kg capacity, our workstation ensures seamless adjustment and versatility for all your repair tasks. At HSTec Glass Systems, we prioritize safety and performance, providing a solution that elevates your repair processes to new heights. Experience the difference with our advanced Pneumatic Mould Repair Workstation.